Autorul revistei Jurnal Paranormal, Vasile Rudan, a încetat din viață în luna aprilie 2021.

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About the author

Vaslie Rudan

For over three decades, I have performed experimental researches at the request and under the control of the Army. I have participated in special missions whose scope was the extrasensory monitoring of human targets, located in theaters of military operations.

I am the author of the discovery of the Rudan effect in the external energy structure of living organisms - an external indicator of human physiological functions, detectable from considerable distances. (The details about the Rudan effect are published in NEXUS new times magazine – science & alternative news – the Romanian edition).

I have discovered the genesis of geopathogenic outbreaks and their bad influence on human and animal mind and physiology. Before my experimental researches, it was only known that there was a hypothetical network of Hartmann pathogenic “nodes”.

I have complemented the genesis of geopathogenic outbreaks, with those caused by the decomposition of organic products in the soil by bacteria, resulting in marsh gas, hydrogen sulfide and other gases harmful to human and animal health.

I have discovered the existence of seismic geopathogenic outbreaks and the connection between these telluric energies and the dynamics of the terrestrial crust. Based on this discovery, I have elaborated a method to predict earthquakes by human extrasensory means, which never fails.

I have elaborated a new extrasensory method for subsoil investigation, which highlights everything that is underground, regardless of its depth. By this procedure, I have discovered during the researches I conducted for a governmental study, dozens of kilometers of ancient ceramic pipes for the capture, adduction and distribution of drinking water to the cities and ancient fortified settlements in Orăștiei Mountains (Romania).

Between 1995 – 1999 I conducted field researches, for The multidisciplinary study for the evaluation, delimitation, protection and preservation of the protected archeological sites in Orăștiei Mountains, ordered by the Ministry of Public Works and Territorial Planning of Romania. I have elaborated studies for “Saba Ștefănescu” Institute of Geodynamics of the Romanian Academy and for private companies.

I have collaborated in the field with the divisional general prof. eng. Vasile Dragomir, former head of the Military Topographical Directorate within the Ministry of National Defense, for using extrasensory detection for military and civil purposes. 

I have elaborated a study based on certain pertinent experiments, that the so-called paranormal capacities of humans are in fact natural human super-senses, similar to the senses and super-senses of animals. These super-senses are genetically transmitted from one generation to another and they can be activated.

For 5 years, I have been an editor at the online magazine Jurnal Paranormal (Paranormal Journal) – a forum for debating phenomena at the frontiers of knowledge. Internet address (See also

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