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More than four decades ago I have noticed during my experimental investigation that no earthquake occurs without the prior evolution of seismic geo-pathogenic focal points – a telluric event pointed out by the author in 1967. For more than four decades I carried out experimental determinations on seismic geo-pathogenic focal points, I correlated the data obtained with earthquakes of different magnitudes and I developed a precise extrasensory method for the prediction of earthquakes. The method elaborated by the author for predicting earthquakes, based upon the monitoring of geodynamic phenomena preceding the earthquake through extrasensory tele-detection, makes possible the prediction of earthquake by up to 14 days in advance.

Political authorities of that time ordered the security grading of the Rudan method of predicting earthquakes, arguing that people would panic if they knew a local major earthquake was to take place during the next days (hypothetical situation).

Some animal species extrasensory detect telluric phenomena that precede earthquakes and avoid staying in those areas subject to seismic risk. Seismologists names such species as biosensors anticipating earthquakes. Man also could detect such energies generated by tectonic fault lines if he could activate his super-senses that are latent (“asleep”) in his subconscious and that are genetically transmitted from one generation to another.

I made tens of thousands of experimental tests about the evolution of seismic geo-pathogenic focal points and I never recorded any earthquake in absence of a prior evolution of seismic geo-pathogenic focal points. The extrasensory method for prediction of earthquakes, based upon the monitoring of the evolution of seismic geo-pathogenic focal points is 100% accurate.

I made this CALL as answer to the information recently launched by Reuter Agency, according to which American geophysicists identified a telluric phenomenon similar to seismic geo-pathogenic focal points.

Vasile Rudan


Author’s note.

Also see the article Rolul focarelor geopatogene seismice în predicția cutremurelor de pământ, (The role of the seismic geopathogenic focal spot in predicting earthquakes) in the online magazine Jurnal Paranormal (

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