The detection of phenomena that take place in the earth’s crust before an earthquake is possible

In attention of Professor Eng. Gheorghe Mărmureanu PhD, honorific manager of the National Institute for Earth’s Physics. 

Professor Eng. Gheorghe Mărmureanu PhD

There is a biological method used for predicting earthquakes that some terrestrial animals and insects are using for thousands of years. The catastrophic earthquake in the Pacific Ocean from December 26th 2004, with a magnitude of more than 9 degrees on Richter scale, which resulted into a seismic wave that killed more than 250,000 people in the coastal area of South-East Asia did not kill any wild or free domestic animals. Researchers discovered that starting with approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the earthquake in ocean’s depths, animals have detected certain phenomena that occur before an earthquake, delimited the dangerous areas and left the plane coastal areas in a hurry, sheltering in the summit plateaus of the continent. Flocks of flamingo birds flew from the coastal area of South-Eastern India just a few hours before the devastating earthquake began. Savants noted this new event but did not strive to go deeply into it from scientific standpoint, considering it normal for the animal world.

According to a study made by the researchers at the University Duisburg-Essen in Germany, ants change their behaviour before the occurrence of an earthquake with a magnitude of more than 2 degrees on Richter scale. Ants leave the anthill prior to the earthquake and return to the colony after the end of the quake.  Researchers figured that ants are sensitive to earthquake announcing phenomena (telluric gas, changes of the magnetic field in the geological layers etc.). Peacocks (Pavo cristatus) and pheasants (Phasianus colichius) feel the structuring of earthquakes two weeks prior to its beginning. Scientists consider that they have this ability due to their bodies’ ability to capture the phenomena that occur prior to the earthquakes through low frequency sounds, caloric radiations in earth’s depth and non-periodical radiations of certain electro-magnetic waves that precede an earthquake. Such examples are numerous in the animal world.

In other words, there was scientifically discovered that some animal species are able to extrasensory detect certain phenomena that take place prior to an earthquake. The human is also living matter, just like the other terrestrial living organisms, and should benefit from similar psycho-physiological abilities. I need not mention why the human being lacks such ancestral abilities, but such subtle energies still exist in our subconscious in a dormant state and can be activated.

It is well known the fact that telluric energies contain information on the structure and dynamic of Earth’s crust as well as on the negative effects that such energies have on the health of terrestrial living organisms. We can talk about an electromagnetic spectrum that mankind does not study, being linked to the current technological civilization, thus remaining defenceless in front of earthquakes.  Seismologists only have trust in their technical devices, designed according to current science’s criteria, which are not able to offer sufficient information on phenomena that take place into the lithosphere prior to the occurrence of earthquakes. Energetic developments of seismic geopathogenic focal spots - that I have discovered through experiments by extrasensory detection – offer more information on the structuring of earthquakes and allow a proper prediction of the quakes, which can save hundreds of thousands of human lives. I found out, experimentally, that no earthquake takes place unless with a prior evolution of the seismic geopathogenic focal spots. During the four decades I have discovered that method of activating the extrasensory energies in human subconscious and I have developed a biological method for the prediction of earthquakes that never fails.

The cyclicity of high intensity earthquakes is compromised at this moment by Earth’s magnetic polarity reversal procedure and by the change of the solar magnetic polarity, without even considering the orientation of our Solar system towards the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, which is a huge black hole with infinite gravity. The conjugated gravitational effects of the Moon and the Sun on the Earth are not entirely cleared. We know, for example, that the spherical character of our planet suffers modifications under this gravitational impact and that there are also daily “telluric” tides at the surface of the soil that must be considered by seismologists.

Therefore, as concerns the prediction of earthquakes, we should also turn to the biological super-senses of the human species, also monitoring animals’ and insects’ reaction to phenomena occurring prior to the earthquake. Scientists have discovered relatively recent that the limit that separates human intelligence from animal intelligence is thinner than we initially thought, some animals being more intelligent than most mankind; and the animals have knowledge on the environment to which the human species has no access. To be also consulted the article Certain experimental discovery: no earthquake takes place without the prior evolution of seismic geopathogenic focal spots, published in the Paranormal Magazine, at: or at

Do we need to ask ourselves why earthquakes cannot be predicted through the current technology without considering the biological procedures for the detection of phenomena announcing the earthquakes?



Vasile Rudan