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Extrasensory remote detection - a miraculous mean for extraterestrial investigations

Current science meant for human beings is, according to estimates made by informed scholars, at least 400 years behind today's scientific reality. The maximum corpuscular speed admitted by traditional science is the speed of light in vacuum, expressed in the units of the International System of Units, 299,792,458 m/s (meters per second). Anything beyond this limit is considered as a blasphemy to the laws of physics, although cosmic vessels are frequently observed in the Milky Way galaxy, moving at infinitely higher speeds than the speed of light. Scientists agree that the laws of today's physics cannot explain most of the phenomena that take place in the immensity of cosmic space. For example, the existence of black holes in the centre of galaxies, which have a mass millions of times larger than our sun and infinite gravity that can aspire planets and solar systems - including light. It is also not known what the dark energy that holds indivisible the Universe is and what is electricity, magnetism or gravity in terms of the structure of phenomena.

Black hole in the centre of Milky Way galaxy.

Telepathic waves propagate instantly into outer space

Extrasensory remote detection is operational in the range of telepathic waves with unknown frequencies, which cannot be electromagnetically disturbed. The telepathic waves emanating from the human being are spreading at instantaneous velocity in the cosmic space, being generated by the brain, which holds over one hundred billion neurons and an infinite number of possible inter-neural connections that might equal the number of atoms existing in the Universe. (Source: Sinteza magazine. May be consulted at the US Embassy in Bucharest.)

The underground of the planets in other solar systems may be investigated by remote sensing detection, accessible to humans

The information obtained by extrasensory remote detection is instantaneous and extremely accurate. For example, in a multidisciplinary governmental study, which was carried out between 1995-1998 in the area of the Orastie mountains (Romania), we discovered in the underground, by extrasensory remote detection, together with the Vasile Dragomir, divisional general Eng., former head of the Military Topographic Directorate within the Ministry of National Defence of Romania, tens of kilometers of walls and 8 ancient cities unknown by archaeologists. The accuracy of the findings was confirmed by drilling sampling.

In August 2013, we located by extrasensory remote archaeological vestiges in the underground of Mars. The discovery was published in the Paranormal Journal on 27 August 2013. The following year, the discovery of Mars archaeological vestiges was confirmed by NASA.

Photo taken by NASA on the surface of Mars, confirming the existence of archaeological vestiges discovered by the author.

Earthquakes may be foreseen by extrasensory remote detection

The evolution of the earthly energies forerunner the earthquakes, may be detected any time, by activating the ancestral senses, which are latent in the subconscious of the human being and which are genetically transmitted between generations. Earthquakes are preceded by tectonic energies that take place in the Earth's crust and are felt by living organisms. Earthquake forerunner energies may be monitored anytime, by extrasensory remote detection.

Medical diagnosis by extrasensory remote detection

Organic dysfunctions of our fellow humans may quickly be found by extrasensory remote detection, without coming in direct contact with the subjects of the investigation. Soon we will publish an ample article devoted to the diagnosis by extrasensory remote detection of some diseases humanity and animal species suffer of.

Human beings and non-human beings from outer space may be contacted by extrasensory remote detection means

Extrasensory remote detection is an effective way to search for life in the universe. Considering the fact (that may be demonstrated) that telepathic waves propagating instantly into cosmic space, planets from other solar systems may be investigated in real-time.

There are thousands of galaxies in the universe, thousands of billions of Earth-like solar systems, with technological civilizations in various stages of development. In the picture, part of the Andromeda galaxy, with billions of solar systems. (Photo: NASA).

Vasiliy Eremenko, Major General and Emeritus Professor of the Academy of Security, Defence and Law Enforcement in Russia, says, "We have learned how to call these UFOs in Vladimirovka. It was enough to make massive troop movements and transport equipment. In such cases, they were 100% ".

General Alexei Savin completes the testimony of General Eremenko: "Upsetting UFOs" was part of the Experimental Military Unit Experiment 10003. The first experiments aimed at discovering ways to improve brain activity under certain circumstances. The Scientific Council related to this program was led by academician Natalia Bektereva, who, until her death, was the scientific director of the Institute of Human Brain Research. Within the research I came to the conclusion that man is an energy-information system that captures information from outside the cognizable", General Savin says. "In order to identify these "external sources", three groups were created, one of researchers, the second of military and the third of  ... women! This third group has made the most discoveries in the field, developing outstanding extrasensory capabilities. The bosses have called for contacting extra-terrestrial civilizations. And we did it. We developed a method based on brain activity. More specifically, we managed to bring the brain to a certain frequency, which allowed it to be on the same wavelength with an extra-terrestrial civilization." (Source: National Daily).

When extrasensory experiments took place in the Military Polygon of Buzau Curve (Romania) in the 1970s and early 1980s, UFO appearances were frequent. UFOs appeared above the polygon in about 15 minutes from the start of telepathic transmissions.

Extrasensory remote detection is an efficient and accurate mean of investigating terrestrial and extra-terrestrial undergrounds. Man may access energies beyond the current frontiers of knowledge by activating the extra-sensory super senses which are found in his subconscious, genetically transmitted between generations. Notions of telepathy and extrasensory remote detection should be taught in gymnasium, instead of subjects of no relevance to the adult future.

Despite the performances and numerous extrasensory remote detection applications, this investigation process is not agreed by governments and religions. Why? We let our readers answer this delicate question.


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