Autorul revistei Jurnal Paranormal, Vasile Rudan, a încetat din viață în luna aprilie 2021.

Începând cu data de 01.05.2021, Jurnal Paranormal este arhivat și păstrat online. Nu vor mai fi însă publicate noi articole.
Vă mulțumim că ați fost alături de noi in ultimul deceniu de activitate.

I, Vasile Rudan, researcher of extrasensory phenomena and editor of the online magazine JURNAL PARANORMAL, launch a challenge to the millionaires of planet Earth!

Scientists have announced that by 2050 several billion Earthlings will lose their sight. We must prevent this catastrophic situation. I offer myself to be tested to convince you of the total recovery of human sight by extrasensory means. I gave up glasses for over 30 years ago and I see perfectly well at the age of 86. I rcan ead texts written in the smallest letters and I can observe the details of some objects located 4-5 km away. And you need to regain your visual acuity until it's too late. In order to complete the research on the activation of extrasensory energies that are dormant (in "sleep") in the human subconscious and to start the online courses to recover these crucial energies whithin an EUROPEAN CHARITY FOUNDATION, I need financial funds that I do not have. You can contribute financially to the action of recovering the subconscious energies of humanity. Without your help, the human species will disappear from the Earth's surface.

I am waiting for a favorable answer from you. Prove that you are aware that the deadly pandemics of the human species have gotten out of hand. Do not consider money more important than your health and the lives of future generations on Earth.

Vasile Rudan

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