The role of the seismic geopathogenic focal spot in predicting earthquakes

A geodynamic phenomenon discovered by the author more than 40 years ago could save the lives of tens of thousands of people before the outbreak of the earthquakes. These are seismic geopathogenic focal points. I have noticed during my experimental investigation that no earthquake occurs without the prior evolution of seismic geopathogenic focal points. Seismic geopathogenic focal points can be monitored by extrasensory remote sensing.

Animals can naturally feel the evolution of seismic geopathogenic focal points and leave the areas under seismic risk

Animals have senses and super senses in active state, incomparably more developed than the terrestrial human species. For example, the structure of the catastrophic earthquake in the Pacific Ocean of December 26, 2004, with a magnitude greater than 9 degrees on the Richter scale, which led to the formation of a seismic wave in which more than 250,000 people died, was felt by animals a few days before the outbreak of the earthquake. According to official estimates, the earthquake did not kill a wild animal. The elephants left the low coastline and migrated to the interior of the continent in high places. The fish left the waters near the seaside a few days before the tectonic movements began. Flocks of flamingo birds in Southeast India took their flight a few hours before the devastating earthquake began.

The peacocks (Pavo cristatus) and the pheasants (Phasianus colichius) feel the structuring of the telluric energies two weeks before the outbreak of the earthquake. Scientists consider that this ability is due to the capture by their bodies of the phenomena preceding the earthquake by infrared radiations, heat radiations from the earth, and non-periodic variations of electromagnetic waves that precede earthquakes. According to a study by researchers at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), the ants change their behaviour before an earthquake of a magnitude greater than 2 degrees on the Richter scale. The ants leave the hill before the earthquake and return to the colony the day after the earthquake. Researchers have concluded that ants are sensitive to phenomena preceding the earthquake (earthly gases, changes in the magnetic field in geological layers, etc.). In other words, it has been scientifically proven that animals have the ability to detect terrestrial phenomena preceding the earthquakes by extrasensory means. The possibility of detecting geodynamic phenomena preceding earthquakes is not a supernatural attribute. All biological organisms are equipped with this super sense.

Man can also detect the SGF phenomenon by activating his extra-sensory energies.

Over the years of experimental research on the subconscious phenomena of the human being, we have come to the firm conclusion that man can also detect the phenomena preceding the earthquakes by extrasensory means. Man is made up of the same biological matter from which live terrestrial organisms are formed and can develop similar energies. But man has lost throughout his technological evolution these ancestral skills. But extrasensory energies are latent in his subconscious and can be activated.

The evolution of seismic geopathogenic focal points occurs depending on the intensity of telluric energies preceding the earthquakes.

I have noticed that every time an earthquake begins to structure, the seismic geopathogenic focal points evolve until the earthquake outbreaks. After the relative termination of the dynamics of geological ramps, the seismic geopathogenic outbreaks fall into regression until they settle down in the "waiting" position. The SGF phenomenon is caused by the tectonic plate movements and is detectable by extrasensory remote sensing by up to two weeks before an earthquake. According to the experimental data I have, there are prerequisites for making electronic devices to highlight the SGF phenomenon.

It is possible to predict earthquakes by human extra-sensory means

The prediction of earthquakes by human extrasensory means is possible by activating subconscious energies of man. We have shown experimentally that the extrasensory detection system of geodynamic phenomena preceding the earthquakes based on the monitoring of SGF phenomenon is operational and precise. I have not recorded any failure in my predictions over forty years. With Rudan extra-sensory method of predicting earthquakes, tens of thousands of human lives can be saved that are lost in earthquakes.

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